Fomo, the Fear of Missing Out, is something that everyone has experienced at some point.  Anxiety is internalized fear, and fear is paralyzing.  Unfortunately, constant fear of missing out can actually bring about the very experience of missing out, and when fear of missing out becomes missing out, that can then become a painful and traumatic experience.  

On a deeper level, when we are not living in the moment, being present in our lives, there is a creeping and gradually increasing sense of being disconnected from something, a loss of Joie de vivre, the joy of life.  I believe this is at the root of the Fomo experience.  We know we are missing out, but it’s not really the experience per se, it’s something that we are missing out on in ourselves, a general “disconnection”.  

Therapy can help us to identify and understand the origins of Fomo, find ways to cope with and move through it, and ultimately to taking our lives back. We all deserve to be a part of and belong in the experiences that we so desire.  Let’s explore this together.  

“The antidote for FOMO is living In the moment.”

– Ryan Nicodemus