My Process


Within the sacred space of therapy, you are allowed to bring and explore your authentic and imperfect self, being met with warmth, non-judgement and care. This is the birth of the healing process.

Find Balance

Consciousness and wholeness are the ingredients for balance. Success involves support, reflection and guidance from another. Deeper connection to ourselves leads to new ideas, perspectives, and internal reconciliation.

Grow & Thrive

When we internalize a foundation of self-compassion, learning, understanding, and choice in our lives, we enter a healing state of resource and empowerment.  From this space, we learn to develop our own tools, internalizing the power to heal ourselves.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”

C.G. Jung

Take your first step towards change

What is holistic psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy comes from the word Psyche and Therapeia, which translates to Soul Healing or Care and Service of the Soul. In holistic psychotherapy, healing is done through the integration of the mind, body and spirit.  

The holistic therapy approach allows us to take a deeper and wider view of ourselves internally and externally, so that we can better identify and move toward what we need in our lives.

My integration of Western and Eastern approaches attempts to utilize aspects that are valuable while staying inclusive to alternative ideas, and ideas that we know work. 

Taken alone, the Western medical model seeks to get rid of what is unwanted by treating the symptom, rather than to understand that the core problem is the doorway to the solution.  

The Eastern model, while powerful, is sometimes criticized as being too “out there” and non-linear.  Both perspectives are tools that we can use to better understand ourselves, heal ourselves, and enjoy our lives more.

“Every part of our personality that we do not love will become hostile to us.”

Robert Bly

This is an important idea in holistic therapy.  Another idea is shared by the late Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh: “The self is made up of non-self elements”.

We are affected by the many things that make up who we are. We are part of this world – interconnected. At the same time, if we don’t truly love ourselves – every part, including our shadow side, we will remain stuck and suffering and prone to imbalance. 

The value of therapy is:

  1. In the therapeutic relationship of care and service that is created to facilitate your healing,
  2. The space reserved for you to intentionally step into your life, and
  3. The modeling, guidance and reflection that shows you the way to greater wholeness, consciousness, and balance.  Over time, the care, service, and tools you receive from the therapist begin to show up in you as you learn to become your own healer. 
Holistic therapy with me can teach you:

 – To become less reactive

 – Live and embrace the moment more fully

 – Figure out who you are and what you want

 -Begin healing from interpersonal trauma

 – Attract and create healthier relationships

 – Identify and take control of your emotional experience

 – Balance your life

-Learn how you work

-Explore / better understand your dreams

 – Reduce anxiety and stress

 – Free yourself from unhealthy shame, anger and fear

 – Reduce and make meaning from your suffering

 – Connect to a healthy and lifelong authentic value system

 – Explore, reclaim, and enhance your spiritual connection

 – Access a deep inner state of resource and healing

 – Reclaim your birthright of abundance

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