We’ve all felt it, worry and fear over making a change in our lives.  Whether it is taking a step forward in a long time relationship, career change, or stepping away from something that has been a large part of our lives, there is a great deal of courage needed to make these life altering changes.  Courage means to stand by your heart and core.  In cases like these, where guilt, shame, fear, and anger may contribute to a high level of uncertainty and ambivalence, the therapy space is an important part of the exploring, discerning, and moving forward process.  

Change always involves some type of loss. When we identify what we love and want to move toward, we gain clarify on our values and purpose. I believe that once we have a firm foundation of our value system, who we are, and our purpose and desire are made clear, moving toward change and way from the status quo becomes a lot easier.  Let’s explore this together.

“Change always involves loss.”

– James Hillman