“Time to write my own f***ing story.”

Maeve (West World)

Many of us have gone through a deep sense of wounding.  Maybe a recurring childhood experience left us wounded, questioning how life could be good, how could the universe be such a bad place?  This deep wounding affects us on a soul level, robs us of peace and joy, and sends us into a deep dark place of suffering.

These types of wounds often affect us on a much deeper level, causing us to carry unconscious patterns that don’t serve us.     Parents are the primary models for most of us and we internalize or reject both healthy and unhealthy patterns that were passed down.  

If you are struggling with money, success or career, or, with intimacy, love or relationship, exploring your origins may shed some light on the blockage and help you to get back into living your life. If you are looking for a great book to get started on this topic, check out my resources section. When you are ready to dive in further, therapy can help you to become your own parent, changing and repairing your way of being in the world, and in your relationships. I’m happy to help you explore this further!